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You CAN change the gridlock in Washington by VOTING to replace the failed partisan Tea Party leadership of Rep. Scalise--he is for BP and the Koch brothers--I am of the people, by the people and for YOU.

Vinny Mendoza, Ph.D., USAF (Ret.)

Invest 20% of Federal Funding for Local Education
Our education system must include hands-on vocational training from elementary school through college and prepare our children to be competitive.  They need to know where food comes from and how is grown and why a clean environment is important; learn technology and science; home economics and different trades at an early age so that they can figure what they want to be when they grow up.  We must invest in our children's future. 
Equal Pay for Equal Work for Women. 
I support women's Right to Equality and to become President of the United States!

Local Economic Growth
D.C. Metro Rail

Instal a Light Rail System in the New Orleans Metro Area

-  Connects the North and South shores from Kentwood to Grand Isle and from Lake Charles to Slidell;
-  Connect all small towns, local universities, malls, sports arenas, hotels and airport.
-  Create over 100,000 new jobs.
-  Annual revenue growth of  $1-2 billion to the local economy.
Hemp for construction, animal & human feed
National Economic Growth:

Legalizing Hemp farming and all it's bi-products can add more than 5 million new jobs and more than $1 trillion dollars to the U.S. Economy over a 5-year period--this will enable farmers to become independent again and not have to depend on Farm Bill assistance.
Immigration Reform Means a $1.1 Trillion Dollar boost to the U.S. Economy!

1.     Some of the key economic benefits to our nation

a.     Cumulative increase in GDP of $1.1TRILLION

b.     Cumulative increase in the income of all Americans of $618 BILLION.

c.      Increase in federal taxes paid by undocumented immigrants of $91 BILLION.

d.     Increase in state and local taxes paid by undocumented immigrants of  $53 BILLION.

e.      Earnings of undocumented immigrants would increase by 25.1 percent, a cumulative increase in earnings of $515 BILLION.

f.       Average annual increase in jobs of 159,000.

 (All figures are the gains over ten years were based on 11 million undocumented individuals obtaining legalization)

1.      1. Individuals receive a 4-year work permit (WP)


2..  2. Individuals may extend for a second 4-year WP.


      3.  After the 1st and/or second WP they return to their birth place.

      4.  While on WP individuals receive a Social Security number to pay  income taxes and obtain a driver's license.

-  Provide Federal Recognition to the United Houma Nation Tribe

-  Provide U.S. Citizenship to children born out of wedlock regardless of age whose father is an American Soldier that was stationed or temporarily assigned overseas.  Child must provide DNA sample that matches Department of Defense DNA bank.

Rep. Scalise supported the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and now wants boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria.
As Department of Defense Mortuary Affairs Officer for the Far East, I was in charge of the Search and Rescue teams as well as the Search and Recovery.  The most difficult task in the military is to give notification to the next of kin about having lost a loved one.  After burying more than 400 men and women and giving the U.S. Flag of behalf of The President of the United States and a Grateful Nation, I do not want you to have to experience the next of kin notification--I totally oppose to send your children or grandchildren to fight on the ground in Iraq or Syria--the U.S. Air Force air power will do the job to defeat ISIS/ISIL over time, it may be months or years.  Rep. Scalise during his last 6 years in the U.S. Congress has voted to send troops to die in the war zone but instead of visiting the troops at least once in the war zone, he has gone to Disneyland to visit Micky Mouse, Woody and Buzz--his actions are 100% different than his ideology.

As top leader of the GOP, Rep. Scalise chickened out from voting to declare war to ISIS and decided to go on a two month vacation and left Louisiana vulnerable to ISIS attack on our refineries.  This can lead to major havoc in the entire nation.  

He does not have the courage to stand up to
ISIS instead he prefers to say "If the President asks for Congressional Declaration of War on ISIS, then Congress will debate the issue."   

You cannot trust Rep. Scalise with your child's life.  My oldest son Michael was in Iraq for two one-year tours, my son Oggy spent one year in Afghanistan and son in law Noslan spent one year in Afghanistan.


Rep. Steve Scalise wants to cut Medicare and privatize Social Security.  And I do not.

When it comes to cutting your Medicare and Social Security programs you are the only one that should vote and not him.

Rep. Scalise lead the shutting down of the government that lead to more than $24 Billion in loss to the U.S. government and hurt all veterans and their dependents. His Tea Party is advocating another government shutdown if they take over the U.S. Senate. 

I do not support another government shutdown.

Rep. Scalise says FRACKING is safe.  And I say, that it poisons our well and city water.

Aquifers in the North shore are already poisoned per lab results from LSU AG. Center and hair analysis results from Analytical Research Labs where more than 10 people show high levels of toxic chemical poison that produces CANCER.

Rep. Scalise was promoted as Majority Whip of the House of Representatives.  But the power went to his head.  He spent over $64,000 to pay for celebration dinners for his volunteers at Ruth Chris and Acadiana Restaurants in DC.

When more than 640,000 residents in the 1st CD do not make $64,000 in a year, SCALISE blows away BP and Koch brothers' money that he did not earn.  We have more than 64,000 unemployed and homeless within the 1st CD—it is an insult us all.  This is not good for Louisiana.

 Why should you vote for Me?

 For the last 30 years I have lived by the values of Duty, Honor and Country before Self.  I instilled these values into my children and with my two sons Oggy and Michael we have served over 35 years of combined total active duty service to the United States Armed Forces.  With my extended family, son in law, nephews, combined total active duty service to the Army, Air Force and United States Marines we have served over 135 years of Combined Total Active Military Duty

For these reasons, I believe that I have earned the benefit of a doubt. 

Your vote is important to Me, I am committed to better serving you in the House of Representatives by maintaining my lifetime values of Duty, Honor and Country before Self. 

Please give favorable consideration to voting me.  Please Like Me in Facebook and share with friends & family!

Thank you and God Bless America!

M.V. Vinny Mendoza, Ph.D., USAF (Ret.)