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Dr. MV "Vinny" Mendoza
U.S. Congress, 5th CD


+ Veteran

+ Pro-Life

+ Pro-guns--protect 2nd Amendment

+ Supports Small Business

+ Supports Farmers

+ Supports Oil & Gas

+ Cleaner air & water

+ Supports $10,000 first responders and educators pay raises

+ Keep Social Security

+ Low price prescription drugs for senior citizens

+ Lower Medicare age to 60

+ Lower Social Security benefits age to 60

+ Stimulus extended unemployment benefits

+ Monthly stimulus paychecks

+ $15 Minimum Wage

+ $15-$60 per hour in the smart organic farms, hydroelectric, wind turbines and solar energy area.   A goal of creating 25,000 permanent new jobs within the 5th CD!

+ Supports Medicinal & Recreational Cannabis

VOTE # 25

Dr.  MV "Vinny" Mendoza,  is an inspiring Louisiana disabled veteran business owner with more than 20 years experience at the federal level.  He is a leader by example and influencer as well as a USDA certified organic farmer.

He knows your pain and concerns about the health, economic, environmental, educational and social crisis that the 5th Congressional District is trying to survive.         Dr. Mendoza knows that 6 out of 10 people live in poverty and that 8-10 children go to school hungry without breakfast--no child can concentrate in school work with and empty stomach.  Dr. Mendoza, has a plan to solve the food security emergency of the 5th CD.  

As Chief of Services in the North Pole at Thule Air Base Greenland and Director of Department of Defense Far East Mortuary Affairs Officer in charge of War Readiness Material, Disaster Preparedness, Search, Rescue and Recovery Teams at Yokota AB, Japan, Dr.  Mendoza knows how to keep military and civilians alive and warm during   7-day Arctic storms at -85 degrees below zero and/or during typhoons.

Dr. Mendoza, is fully aware  existence and secret locations of unused War Readiness Materials worth billions of dollars that can weatherize all public schools, recreation centers and shelters within the 5th CD, at no cost to the state of Louisiana and/or local parishes.   Dr. Mendoza can begin working on weatherizing the 5th CD, within minutes of being sworn as your U.S. Representative, he has a place to stay and local transportation in D.C., where his two military sons are currently stationed.  

Dr. Mendoza, can become the most productive member of the entire Louisiana Congressional Delegation--he knows where all the War Readiness Material resources are and he also knows how to demilitarize them for state, parish and city use.  

Vinny is stepping up with a 5-Point Action Pledge to solve most of the current and future problems.

As former assistant to the Inspector General of the Air Force, D. Mendoza understands the importance of readiness, operational mission capabilities as well as deterrence of Fraud, Waste & Abuse.  Additionally, as Chief of Services at Thule Air Base, Greenland, Space Command Early Warning Missile Systems, Vinny knows the importance of properly leading hundreds of people, managing billions of dollars in real property and properly; developing and implementing multimillion dollars annual budgets and effectively using Department of Defense year end fall out funds for morale, welfare and recreation programs. .   

Dr. Mendoza is a  20-year active duty veteran with the United States Air Force; a service connected disabled veteran, USDA Certified Organic Farmer and Louisiana Veteran business owner for more than 20-years.

He is also a covid-19 survivor, who has two healthcare insurance policies (Tricare & VA) but was turned away from the VA Clinic and local hospital to survive at home after he reported symptoms and was requesting a Covid-19 test--he knows the individual struggles of millions of Americans during the covid-19 pandemic and he wants to fight for you. 

Dr. Mendoza knows about the pain that most Americans are going through without electricity and potable water--he wants to help you obtain the resources that can help you survive future cold weather storms.

Your favorable consideration of voting for Dr. MV "Vinny" Mendoza, #25, will be greatly appreciated.   Please share his message with family and friends.

1. Tackle National Food Security problem and Environmental Crisis at the 5th Congressional District Level.  I will fight for Agricultural loans and grants at the federal level.  As an Independent U.S. Representative, within my first week after being sworn in, I will contact President Biden's Senior Advisor and coordinate with him to secure funding for the following:

a. Obtain over 50 million dollars worth of unused military War Readiness Material kept at stealth locations and use it to weatherize all public schools, recreation centers and shelters within the 5th CD.  These resources are kept at stealth locations but Dr. Vinny Mendoza, knows how to demilitarize them and make them available to law enforcement and to local city and parish municipalities.  He personally knows the Senior Advisor to President Biden who can request the approval for Department of Defense demilitarization for WRM resources to weatherize the 5th Congressional District.

b. Build a hydroelectric power plant in the Mississippi River near St. Francisville, to produce over 3500 Mega Watts of Clean Energy.

c.  Build 2500 hundred Wind Turbines within the Mississippi River high velocity wind ares which will produce over 2500 Mega Watts of Clean Energy.

d.   Building 10,000 new Smart Organic Farms of America within the 5th Congressional District.


e.  Support all veterans 

(1) Make VA hospital available to dependent spouses and children
(2) Provide optical and dental care to Disabled Veterans with 30% disability or above.
(3) Enact legislation that requires a copy of digital military dental and medical records by provided to veterans and the VA upon leaving service.
(4) Reduce claims processing times to no more than 6 months.

The above projects will provide over $50 Billion dollars in unused military resources to weatherize public schools, recreation centers and shelters at no cost to the  state or local parishes; it will also create over 25,000 permanent new jobs, produce clean energy for over 5 million homes and businesses, reduce electric bills by 40%, over $10 billion in revenue annually to the state, reduce hunger, poverty and unemployment thus turning around the poorest district in Louisiana and the nation to the richest district within the United States.

Dr. mendoza would like to express his most sincere condolences to the luke letlow family during this time of bereavement.  May god give you the strength that you need!

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