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Dr. MV "Vinny" Mendoza

Vinny  is an inspiring disabled veteran leader, influencer and USDA certified organic farmer.

He knows your pain and concerns about the health, economic, environmental and social crisis that our nation is going through.   Vinny is stepping up with a 5-Point Action Plan to solve most of the current and future problems.

As former assistant to the Inspector General of the Air Force, Vinny understands the importance of readiness, operational mission capabilities as well as deterrence of Fraud, Waste & Abuse.  Additionally, as Chief of Services at Thule Air Base, Greenland, Space Command Early Warning Missile Systems, Vinny knows the importance of properly leading hundreds of people, managing billions of dollars in real property and properly; developing and implementing multimillion dollars annual budgets and effectively using Department of Defense year end fall out funds for morale, welfare and recreation programs. .   

How does Vinny's 20-year tenure with the United States Air Force can benefit you today?

1.  He is familiar with the Department of Defense Fraud, Waste and Abuse program as well as the War Profiting contracts of up to 50% of the annual budget, which can be reduced or terminated and re-invested in economic growth projects that create millions of jobs and federal revenue.

2. Vinny has already identified the U.S. Federal Funding and Spending Fraud, Waste or Abuse.   Almost 20% of the $4.5 Trillion annual Federal Expenses or about $1 Trillion, are given to major corporations as subsidies in the oil, gas, energy, agriculture (not to produce), automobile, airline and banking industries and those corporations do not pay federal, state or property taxes.  The American people contribute about $2 Trillion in income taxes that cover over 50% of revenue of almost $3.5 Trillion, with an annual deficit of $1 Trillion.  If we re-invest 10% of the subsidies in creating 50 million new jobs for the American people, they will increase the income tax revenue by $1 Trillion and erase the annual deficit.  We must invest in jobs that produce revenue.

3. Vinny understand that you may worried about getting infected with Covid-19, losing your job, your health insurance or your home or all of them.  Vinny has lost three family members whose death has impacted over 100 family members forever.  Vinny knows and feels your pain and doubts about Senator Cassidy's ability to fight for you.   As your next Senator, Vinny will make sure that you receive the best healthcare possible same as he has with the VA and Tricare ($800/year) and that you receive the proper compensation for personal or business economic loss or the loss of human life within your family.  Vinny will ensure that you receive at least $1,200/month for 6 months in stimulus compensation from your own tax dollars and if you lost your job, you can receive up to 12 months of unemployment benefits; if you have contracted Covid-19, you get free treatment same as the President of the United States and his infected family members.

4. My prayers are with the Lake Charles area residents that have been affected by Hurricanes Laura and Delta.  As a Katrina survivor, I know the pain and unimaginable sense of loss of memorable pictures, personal belongings and your home and not having the means to rebuild quickly or faced with the idea of moving away and starting all over elsewhere but your heart is where your damaged home is.  That is why, today I bring you hope and ask you to continue nurturing your faith in God, because I want to help you rebuild better, and the minute that I get elected, I will begin to work on the Laura/Delta Road Home Program to help you receive up to $150,000 non-reimbursable grant.

5. Vinny is not taking any political contributions--he wants to take corporate dark money out of politics.  He is investing his own funds to better serve you as an independent U.S. Senator.

Your favorable consideration of voting for Dr. MV "Vinny" Mendoza #8, will be greatly appreciated.   Please share his message with family and friends.

The fear of the Lord [is] the beginning of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction

Proverbs 1:7 kjv

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Step 1

In 1920 America had 6 million farms for 103 Million Americans and in 2020, we now have 2 million farms for 350,000 Americans and we need at least 25 million farms to supply the needs of the American people and the capability of exporting our fruits and vegetables.  Nonetheless, we now have a food security problem and many Americans are dying of hunger.


Step 1

Our water looks bad, smells bad and it taste bad.  Our aquifers are contaminated by fracking or by inverse chemical well pumping and 100% of our lakes, rivers and bayous are polluted and most of them used as chemical toxic waste from Louisiana corporations and from corporations from out of state.  WE CAN AND MUST DO BETTER THAN THAT AND DR. VINNY MENDOZA HAS WIN, WIN SOLUTIONS FOR A SMOOTH TRANSITION TO CLEAN ENERGY THAT WILL PROVIDE OVER 100,000 NEW PERMANENT JOBS IN LOUISIANA AND OVER $50 BILLION IN ANNUAL REVENUE. 


Step 1

The United States is in economic, health, environmental CHAOS.  Our President with the support and/or silence of Senator Bill Cassidy has neglected the entire country and as a result we now have 8 million Americans infected with Covid-19, over 220,000 dead, children taken away from their mothers and placed in cages by ICE, police killing African Americans, under age white supremacists killing other Americans and now white supremacists plotting to kidnap a State Governor and overthrow state governments.  This is not conventional leadership--this is authoritarian regime like leadership that seems to be conducting ethnic and class cleansing.  African Americans and Latinos as well Senior Citizens are being let to die of Covid-19 at a rate of more than 115,000 thus far.  On top of that, RUSSIA is paying bounties for the killing of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan--this is NOT making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Electing Dr. Vinny Mendoza as an independent U.S. Senator will have many advantages for Louisiana!

Step 1

- Will lead with Integrity and Respect coupled with the guidance of Faith, Hope and the Love of God!

- Vinny will protect, guard and re-invest the American tax dollars as he protected the funds of GOD during his tenure as Church Treasurer.

- He will put to use over two decades of experience at the federal level to prevent government Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

- Vinny will cut in half or all government subsidies to wealthy large corporations and re-invest those funds in the creation of jobs through the Green New Deal Agrarian Reform.

- As an independent Vinny will be implementing the Green New Deal's Agrarian Reform which will benefit Louisiana!

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